Reforestation, renewable energy, waste management, environmental education. Four keywords for a project that creates a network of the best forces for the African continent, and not only, with a view to universal fraternity.

Greening1Mal d'Afrique is the so-called nostalgic feeling capturing those who visit this incredibly beautiful Continent, able to amaze, suitable to kindle a desire to go back and a sense of rebirth. A Continent which at the same time hides a dark, painful face, looted by the greed of the powerful who go ahead regardless of anything or anyone, let alone the dignity of a people, in the face of high and secure earnings. This means that, especially over the last few years of the so-called "short century," the African countries have been stripped and deprived of so many riches and opportunities, forcing their inhabitants to wage wars to survive, to flee, or simply to let themselves die. Poverty, including moral poverty and an environmental and social degradation that are visible to the naked eye in various areas of the Continent are the consequences of such theft of goods and dignity.

In this context, Greening Africa Together was established, "a network of non-governmental organizations, universities, institutions, and communities that collaborate in the field of "green" development" – say Arthur Ngoy and Lilly Seidler. He is a gynaecologist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and she is a German teacher, who has worked for years in Senegal, where she founded a non-profit organization - International Forest Onlus - together with a group of students. They have just shared their experience at a conference organized by the New Humanity Movement in Pomezia, near Rome.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the death of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, we publish below the text of one of her speeches,"The art of loving and the united world," that was read, in January 2003, by one of her first companions, Natalia Dallapiccola, in Coimbatore, India, during a meeting with young people and civil and religious authorities at the Avinashilingan University. In these words, Chiara Lubich proposes to everyone a method, the art of loving, to achieve the united world, peace, and universal brotherhood.

Chiara Lubich«Dear Young People, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very happy to be here again in Coimbatore, in this beloved city which wished to honour me, two years ago, by conferring me with the title of “Defender of Peace”. On that happy occasion I promised, so as to honour this recognition, to revive among the persons and groups I would have encountered, in all the cities and nations I would have visited, fraternal communion, solidarity, unity, the specific charism of my Movement, which is the guarantee of peace. And it is what I would like to do today as well, here with you, addressing myself especially to the many young people who are present.

Many Kenyans have continued to applaud the move by the government to ban plastic bags used for commercial and household packaging terming it as a great move to curb the plastic bag menace.

PlasticIn August 2017, the Kenyan government banned importation and manufacturing of plastic bags as a way of taking care of the environment.

Plastic was the most common packaging material used Kenya. Whenever you went for shopping there was a likelihood that whatever you buy will be packed in plastic bag. However, today things have charged and Kenyan have adapted new ways of packaging hence making the environment clean.
Statistics indicated that over 24 million plastic bags were used monthly half of which ended up in the solid mainstream.

Latin American artists of different ages and disciplines gathered in Uruguay to pursue a path that aims to deepen the Latin American identity and the ability to interconnect the art and the ideal of the united world in an intrinsic way.

Art 1Flor, 22, is an actress and tango dancer. The characters she plays hide a profound person who is eager to live her life fully. Martín, 25, bass player, is a nice, creative musician who is always looking for meaning in his life. Clari is 24 years old, she sings, she plays guitar, piano, and all that can produce chords, like her own life.

The three of them have taken part, January 28 through February 2, i.e. during the South American summer, in the meeting "Hacer de las heridas, obras de arte" (Turning wounds into works of art) that, in the city of Montevideo, brought together 44 artists from Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Today's article is a piece by Pasquale Ferrara, who is currently the Italian Ambassador to Algeria. It was first published in the Atlas of Universal fraternity, the first edition of the United World Project file (2014), and it provides an interesting insight into the universal value of our Project

BridgesTrying to find the right image to represent the international relationships of our contemporary world, the choice is often between “the tower” or “the bridge”. The tower is an architectonic element, typically a military one, and it epitomizes a perception of threat that causes alarm and alert. The tower is the representation of defensiveness, of the “fortification”, of the sense of siege and the fear of invasion.

Crunelab is not only a solidarity tailor workshop, but a point of meeting and a real multi-cultural workshop to improve one’s knowledge, talents, and cultural approaches.

Crune1There is a bit of Africa concentrated right in the heart of Tuscany, in these premises at number 34 of Via Sabatini, in Chianciano Terme, a town in the countryside of Siena, famous for its healthy thermal springs. Here, among tissues, sewing machines, spools of thread, and pieces of chalk, a group of young asylum-seekers creates clothing and accessories for the “Crune” brand, a true “Made in Italy” by African hands.

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