Go Beyond Coffee, the initiative relaunched by the youth of the Focolare Movement in Milan: having obtained a special price from a wholesale distributor, they designed and produced the labels with the guidelines of the activity and the logo of the 2018 Genfest.

coffeeA few months ago, in Milan, the Youth for a United World found themselves thinking together about initiatives that could look to the 2018 Genfest in Manila, in the Philippines. That's how they thought of ​​selling coffee, as they did for the 2012 Genfest in Budapest. Then they decided to allocate the funds obtained for the organization of the Genfest, the trip to Manila for those coming from the most distant countries and to support the Filipino population, hit by typhoon Vinta last December.



In the capital city of Mexico several activities will be held to celebrate the United World Week. In addition to Run4Unity on May 20, we are going to know the many activities that Teens for Unity, together with different associations, carry out to generate a positive impact on their city.



In Mexico City, Run4Unity will be held on May 20 at a sports center. However, the idea of those who organize the event and carry out the activities is to generate initiatives that have a greater social impact in the long term, to ensure a continuity and an effect that can respond to the problems Mexico is to face.




Under the sun of 1st May, Lebanon welcomed the United World Week with a sports day and with the commitment of young people towards a bold objective: eradicating hunger worldwide.

The Fouad Chehab stadium, not far from Beirut, was the venue in which 170 Teens for Unity of the Focolare Movement gathered on Tuesday along with some friends of all ages. They were thus present and on time for the worldwide Run4Unity relay race for peace, which is run every year by hundreds of thousands of teens of all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds across the five continents, bearing witness to their commitment to building peace and living life according to the Golden Rule: “Do to others what you would have them do to you”.  



Various activities will be carried out in Argentina. The most popular one is an interreligious march for peace on May 6 at the Puente de la Mujer, in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires.

Argentina is a country characterized by both ethnic and religious diversity. The last century marked the arrival of millions of European immigrants who escaped war and famine, Arabs who escaped persecution, immigrants from neighboring countries who were seeking work or prosperity. Therefore, those lands know what it is to live among different ones. Not without difficulties, but they manage to get ahead.



On the border between Mexico and the United States, the Youth for a United World organize a run for peace on both sides of the wall that separates one country from the other, showing that there are no real barriers.

Mexicali and Calexico are located in the northernmost point of Latin America and the southernmost point of the United States, respectively. From an airplane or through Google maps, it can be clearly seen that it is a single town divided by a wall. As Noé Herrera, one of the Youth for a United World of Mexicali, tells us: "It is literally a fence that crosses the city from East to West." In fact, he explains that ‘Mexicali’ is formed by the union of the words Mexico and California, and the same thing, but the other way around, happens with the name ‘Calexico,’ which is found on the U.S. side.

What is the Loppiano Gen school? The story is shared by Nicole (Italy), Susanna (Korea), Maria (Spain), and Maria (Mexico) during the Genfest Italy, entitled "Beyond Me".

Scuola GEnNICOLE (Italy): Hi everyone! I'm Nicole, I'm 19 and I came here to Loppiano to attend a school. What is it about? As you can see, I am not alone on this stage: I am accompanied by 36 boys and girls from various countries: from Slovakia to China, from the Philippines to Mexico, from Australia to Korea, and so on. We are from four continents and twenty nationalities.

We are all ‘gen’. The gen are the young people of the Focolare Movement, who believe in, build, and are the united world. We are millions in the world, but some of us heard the call to live an in-depth experience of this Ideal of Unity and universal brotherhood in the Gen School. So, we decided to leave our country, our family, our friends, our studies, and even our work, to come to Loppiano.

The reasons that led us to participate in this school for a few months are many and all different, as is one person from the other.

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