February 1 will be the starting day of "FraterniTALES," the United World Contest that will select among the participants 30 Ambassadors of the United World. Let us discover the backstage of the Contest through the words of Federica Chiaro and Giacomo Fabris, Youth for a United World and problem-solvers of the Contest.

UWC 1Federica Chiaro, 27, from Nettuno (Province of Rome), after a master's degree in international relations, started a collaboration with the university where she graduated, dedicating herself to the training of the new generations. Specifically, she plans training activities for those who are to become the leaders of the future, on ethics, responsibility, and sustainability, focusing on the development of an ethical leadership. Giacomo Fabris, 21, from Trieste (North-Eastern Italy), is attending the third year of a three-year degree course in Political Sciences, International Relations, and Human Rights, at the University of Padua, Italy.
What do Federica and Giacomo have in common? Two things, for sure: both are Italian Youth for a United World and, recently, they have been dedicating all their spare time to the organization of the FraterniTALES Contest.

UWC2Actually, the idea of the contest came precisely from Federica Chiaro: «It happened during a train trip with Chantal Grevin, the first representative of New Humanity at UNESCO, in Paris. We were back from two very important meetings, with the Embassy of the Philippines, the State that this year will host the Genfest, and with AISA, an NGO that collaborates in many ways with New Humanity. We had also discussed about the possible international recognition of the United World Week, and the need to bring the project into national realities, for it to be known and supported by the individual States. Thinking of the experience that we had just lived, with Chantal we imagined that, by providing young people with the necessary tools and knowledge, they could be the ones who would face this challenge. To do this, it was necessary to spread the information about this opportunity: hence the idea of the contest! ».

So, let's get to the contest. Let us try to understand something more, starting from its goal.
«The aim», explains Giacomo, «is to select thirty Youth for a United World who wish to become real spokespersons for the United World Project in their respective country of origin».
«They will be the "Ambassadors for a United World" », continues Federica, «who will be trained to interact with national and international institutions, and to inform about the projects that the Youth for a United World and New Humanity carry forward. They will be our "bullhorn" for fraternity! ».

The text of the contest also mentions some "training" for these future ambassadors...
UWC3«Training will be organized in two phases», Federica specifies, «the first part will be dedicated to an online course of introduction to the United World Project, the United World Week, the running of international institutions, and related recognition procedures (with a special focus on UNESCO). The second part will consist of a training course to be held next July in Manila – on the occasion of the incoming Genfest - in which the same topics will be explored by some experts in international politics ».

When back home, they will have to carry out a work that is not theoretical at all, as Giacomo Fabris explains. «The Ambassadors are to document the course of the United World Week in their respective countries, and create a dossier containing experiences on the ground and good practices, to be sent to other associations and NGOs, and to the Institutions that are operational at a local or national level. Their task, in other words, will be a work of research, documentation, and representation ».

In this difficult task, the young Ambassadors for a United World will not be alone. They will be constantly supported by adult tutors, who will accompany them on their journey.
Furthermore, the NGO New Humanity will also support them with its experience. It will provide young people with all the knowledge and skills they need, in the aim of bringing closer and closer the day when the United World Week will obtain the recognition of international institutions.

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