United World Network

United World Network

It is the vast network of persons, belonging to all ages and different latitudes that have chosen universal fraternity as their way of life.
We have launched a worldwide signature campaign. With these signatures we commit ourselves to:

  • live the “Golden Rule”, core principle of many civilizations and traditions:
    “do unto others as you would have them do unto you, do not do to others what you do not want done to you”
  • support the establishment of the "Permanent and International Observatory on fraternity”
  • request the recognition on an institutional and international level of the “United World Week”

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United World Network

Today, all Christian faithful celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. We would like to take part in this celebration by making memory of a birth that concerns us closely, the creation of the United World Project. We are going to do it through the words that a member of the Youth for a United World, Leticia Carneiro, pronounced on November 15, 2016, in Paris, at the UNESCO headquarters, during the "Reinventing Peace" event.

UWP 1"Fatou networked 212 communities from Senegal, thus paving the way to new social and commercial relationships. Reinhard, a 55 years-old Austrian man, after receiving 27 stab wounds, has forgiven his tentative killer. Pamela gave her major contribution to start off the Permanent Schools for Peace in Ecuador. What do Fatou, Reinhard, and Pamela have in common? The three of them believe in universal brotherhood, and along with them, hundreds of thousands people all over the world.

Online Petition

The story of humanity shows us so much more than the many uncertainties, civil wars, failed revolutions, and global crises. Every day, millions of people choose to silently give without receiving, to accept as instead of discrimiating, to forgive to build broken relationships. In other words, they choose to live as brothers.

It's a part of humanity's history we don't often hear, but that doesn't mean it's less factual. It's a humanity who live and commit themselves to reassemble the fragmented world actively and discreetly.

Today, it is this part of history that pushes us to act, and we have a unique opportunity to multiply these points of universal brotherhood in all continents where each of us live.

With our lives, we could carry out these changes toward a United World, transforming it to a daily reality, contagious and imitable.

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Everyone who wants to pacefully revolutionize their cites, nations, and states could be part of this international youth network. In this way, it shall truly be a worldwide revolution.

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