Action for Peace

We are deeply troubled by all the conflicts that are causing migrations of peoples, extreme poverty, hunger and social injustices, and we are personally committed to finding practical solutions.  We identify with the principle of universal fraternity and are committed to living according to the Golden Rule shared by all religions and people of good will:
“Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Christian text Luke 6:31).
We have started by helping in situations of need on the ground; with media campaigns, and reflections and suggestions by experts in international relations, dialogue and politics.
Through seeds of fraternity spread throughout the world, we are supporting projects, actions and initiatives aimed at making humanity become one family.
We want to bring our plea for peace, through the #signupforpeace Appeal, to the U.N., UNESCO and other national and international institutions, so that they may feel even more urged to take concrete steps towards peace, through political and legislative channels.

Action for Peace

sign up for peace2

Online signatures: 11.981
On Paper signatures: 1.913
Total signatures: 13.894

13129088 10154228707506995 206401132 oThat HIGH RESOLUTION has two (or more) meanings: means that to live for Fratenity and Peace.

Is a great and profound Choice/Decision/Determination and that to do it takes a whole life, in the small details , in all its aspects , that means observing the life lived this way at "High Resolution" finds always a good definition , every moment is full!!

Infornt of the actual situation in the world, we want to give all this HIGH RESOLUTION that we have taken for our life: the Fraternity that leads to Peace!

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Confronted by the actual situation in the world, we want to give to all this HIGH RESOLUTION that we got from our life: fraternity that leads to peace

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