United World Workshop

United World Workshop

It is the pooling of all those initiatives that demonstrate humanity’s progress; towards universal fraternity.

Among these events the United World Week (UWW), promoted by the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) of the Focolare Movement since 1996, is the showcase of this worldwide Workshop. It is an opportunity to propose fraternal initiatives to the institutions and make an impact on the public opinion of each country where it is held.


It will take place in the Permanent Mariapolis of Loppiano, in the province of Florence, Italy, from April 29 to May 1, 2017, on the theme of Peace.

pulseThe title is provocative: "Change your Heart. Change the World". That is, begin with your own heart and change the world around you.
The Meeting is conceived as a journey of discovery of the thousands of actions in which the Youth for a United World are already committed to building a future of peace in the most various areas, along with other movements, associations, and groups, including: Nuovi Orizzonti, Rondine, Centro internazionale La Pira, Non dalla guerra, Living Peace, Istituto Universitario Sophia, Dancelab, EcoOne, Economia disarmata, Barbiana, and Sportmeet.

Logo MilongaMILONGA = Thousands of non-governmental organizations in action.

Optimized SMU JUNTOSFrom May 1 to 10, various initiatives in the five continents were made for make visible the culture of fraternity, in which the main theme of the whole United World Week was interculturalism: enter into dialogue with the different cultures and recognize the equal dignity that makes us equal.

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Here you can find more pictures about the United World Week that took place in Ecuador


fn2After the conclusion of the United World Week, we still received news of various activities that took place in the world.

3 EgittoHere are some other flashes about the Run4Unity from the world. This time from Angola, Congo, Australia, New Caledonia, India, Syria, Egypt, Bulgary, Spain, Grand Britain and Italy.