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CityBeep: Me and My City

I do not want to be a stranger in this city

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Me and My City


One hand on the beauty of the world, the other on the suffering of humanity, our two feet in the duty of the present moment.
– VARILLON François, Beauté du monde et souffrance des hommes, Ed. Centurion, p.320


This city is mine! I do not accept the idea that I am a stranger in this city. I don’t take it is only a place to work and sleep and entertain with my friends.

My city has a history. My city has a soul. And I want to find it out!

I will go to discover its unknown parts, and breath in its beauty: visible and hidden. With the mobile phone off in my pocket, looking in the eyes of people I encounter, ready to help the needy, ready to shape its present and future.

No one will stop me, because this desire comes from deep in my soul.


Essay on My City

Kuching for me is an expressive demonstration of a diverse people living together in generous kinship and unspoken coherence


What is the CityBeep?

A monthly reminder that by uniting our efforts we can make a difference in our own neighborhoods, the City Beep project is here to help. It will focus every month on a specific element of city life and offer encouragement, ideas, inspirational stories on how our communities can be transformed, step by step, into more equal, more engaging, more reflective, healthier, more harmonious, wiser, more connected places.

From short time onwards, a new “beep” – an inspirational word – will be shared at the start of every month, linking to resources and contacts through the UWP website, so that together we can help each other, wherever in the world we find ourselves, in the face of challenges, tragedies, surprises and opportunities, to find ways of building up unity within diversity, leading us towards a united world.

We are convinced that a united world is not a hopeless dream! It is a vision which can be put in practice every day. Experience shows that a united world will only emerge from the daily efforts of a growing nu,ber of people who know how to face every challenge, treat every person, tackle every crisis from the perspective of unity.

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