• A football tournament, a bridge towards fraternity

    The fifth edition of the Sports for Peace football tournament, an initiative geared towards building peace and harmony among the pastoral communities of Marsabit County, took place in August 2017 in Marsabit, Northern Kenya. The aim of the tournament was to bring together communities that have been experiencing inter-ethnic wars.

    Marsabit 1Born in a pastoralist community which has experienced inter-ethnic clashes and cattle rustling for many years, and having seeing many of his colleagues die fighting for their community, Johnstone Ndumba deeply thought of how he could be involved in building lasting peace in his community. Johnstone adopted the idea of sports among the youth, an avenue that he has been using to speak about peace. Peace that he thinks can lead to unity and cohesion among all the communities living in the region.

  • African Diplomacy: the case of Gambia

    GambiaOften the news circulating on the most read newspapers and the most watched/listened broadcasters convey the image of an extremely poor Africa: its endless civil wars, epidemics such as AIDS, ebola, malaria, etc. A continent where population growth is a threat. People constantly fleeing war or poverty by migrating to neighboring countries or to Europe, etc.

    The purpose of this article is not to contradict this image conveyed by certain media, but rather to highlight the other face of Africa that is not often shown. It is an Africa in search of its own unity. An Africa that struggles to find the most appropriate solutions to its problems. We could share several initiatives in this direction, but we would rather analyze the Gambian experience as a living witness of an Africa in search of negotiated solutions, specifically in the area of conflict resolution, as described in the document of the African Union: 'Vision 2064: an Africa without the sound of weapons.’

  • An Introduction to Peace Sprit Foundation

    The year 2017 left us with a nice surprise. Going through our inbox, we found a message from Bahare Safavi, a young woman from Iran who collaborates with the Peace Sprit Foundation, based in Teheran, as a translator. She reached out to us, asking to collaborate with the United World Project editorial team. For her first article, we asked her to tell us something about the work carried out by the Foundation she is part of. This is her first piece, in which she offers us a most interesting fragment of fraternity – the first in a long series, at the very beginning of this 2018.


    Peace Sprit Foundation is a civil society organisation which has been working for 13 years. Our dream is to enhance peace across the world. Peace Sprit Foundation started its work with the name of Bayan Iran Association (NGO) in 2005. At that time, the team focused on women and youth issues, lifestyle and social life in Iran.

    Peace Sprit Foundation (PSF) is based in Tehran, Iran, and it is dedicated to promoting peace across the world. PSF was founded by Hamidreza Gholamzadeh together with a group of cooperative civil activists from Tehran. In 2009, The NGO won the WYSA prize for promoting UN SDGs on empowering women.

  • Jordan: "City of Mosaics" to host Youth World Peace Forum 2017

    From September 17 to 25, 2017, in Madaba, a city about 45km away from Amman, Jordan's capital city, the Youth World Peace Forum will take place, with the participation of hundreds of young peace-makers from all over the world.

    YWPFMadaba is the old Biblical city of Medeba, which stood along the Via Regia, the old major road leading from Egypt through Sinai and then Aqaba up to Damascus and the Euphrates river, along which the caravans of merchants transported precious goods, like spices and incense, and Christian and Muslim pilgrims walked a long distance to reach their sacred places.

    Madaba is also known as the "City of Mosaics" because of the works of art which decorated it during the Byzantine period, from the fifth century AD onwards, i.e. since it has become a bishopric.

    After Cairo in Egypt and Florianopolis in Brazil, Madaba will be the protagonist of the 3rd Youth World Peace Forum entitled, "Now is the time," where young people from all over the world will have the opportunity to live and work together for peace.

  • Morocco rejoins the African Union after 33 years

    Morocco in its natural family: a step towards the unity of the continent

    Logo AUSo often African news is about a suffering Africa. On January 31, 2017, Africa became an Africa that sings thanks to the return of Morocco to the African Union family after more than 30 years outside the continental organization.

    Indeed, the African Union is a continental organization created by the African leaders in Addis Ababa in 1963 to strengthen the unity of the continent and lead the peoples of the continent towards an African renaissance.

  • Rome Half-Marathon VIA PACIS

    On September 17, the half-marathon VIA PACIS (the Way of Peace) will be run in Rome, inspired by the values of peace, integration, inclusion, and solidarity.

    Marathon 1"Rome Half-Marathon VIA PACIS", the first half-marathon in the city of Rome dedicated to peace, will take place on Sunday, September 17, 2017. The event is promoted by Roma Capitale (territorial management agency of the Capital City of Rome) and the Pontifical Council for Culture (a Vatican dicastery) in cooperation with FIDAL (Italian Track & Field Federation), sponsored by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and of the Italian Paralympic Committee.

    The race will start from St. Peter, via della Conciliazione, at 9 am. It will go through the center of Rome by means of two runways for a distance equivalent to exactly half a marathon (21.097 km). Inspired by the traditional Pilgrimage of the Seven Churches, the "VIA PACIS" will connect the places of worship of some religious communities with an active presence in the capital city: the Synagogue, the Mosque, the Waldensian church, and the Orthodox church.

  • Speciale #Calltogenfest Loppiano: l'esperienza dell'Associazione Dancelab Armonia

    A Loppiano, l’esperienza dell’associazione Dancelab Armonia, con le ballerine e i ballerini che vedremo il Primo Maggio sul palco del #Genfest Italiano #Beyondme.

    dancelabL’Associazione Dancelab Armonia nasce ormai più di 10 anni fa da un sogno. Antonella Lombardo, la direttrice di una scuola di danza a Montecatini Terme, voleva che ragazzi, provenienti da tutte le parti del mondo, ballassero insieme sullo stesso palco e condividessero l’arte pura della danza.

    È nata così l’avventura di Dancelab. Da un sogno, mettendo a frutto i nostri talenti.

    Nel 2006, si è realizzato il primo Campus di Alta Formazione di Danza a Montecatini Terme, che ha visto partecipare ragazzi di varie parti d’Europa, da alcuni paesi dell’Africa e da zone in conflitto, in particolare, da Israele e Palestina.

    Abbiamo sperimentato che la danza puo’ essere uno strumento trasversale di armonia fra i popoli.

  • The 2017 Youth World Peace Forum started!

    The 2017 Youth World Peace Forum starts with a camp.

    YWPCThe program offers 100 young people from 30 countries (aged 18-30) the chance to live together for five days, in Madaba (Jordan), working with and for refugees, prior to the start of the Youth World Peace Forum activities, planned for September 22-25.

    The program is designed to ensure integration among young people coming from all over the world through collaboration in a range of activities organized during the camp. The location will be a former caravans’ area inside the convent in Madaba city, where 114 displaced Iraqi refugees used to live in; it became their home for more than a year after they had fled from Iraq because of war.

    "We believe that peace is possible, it is an urgent matter, and we are all responsible for its accomplishment. Together we can make it happen".

    For the occasion, many peace messages come from all over the world.

  • The choice of peace made by Nazieh

    «We have the opportunity to do more important things than fighting»
    The choice of peace made by Nazieh, a young Syrian man who lives in Damascus

    festival 1

    A few weeks ago, we received the text of this experience signed by Nazieh, a young Syrian man from a little town near the city of Homs. We publish it as we received it (except for some adaptations for the translation).

    «Hello, my name is Nazieh. I am from Syria and I want to share an experience from my life with all of you. I come from a village near Homs. Al Qaeda attacked this village in 2013. They entered the village and they killed about 40 people. Because of this war attack, many houses and all schools were destroyed. Two years later, ISIS attacked my village again, but this second time they didn’t enter the village. I lost my nephew, he died when facing ISIS because of a car which exploded when they attacked the village. Together with others from the village, we decided to help the people in our village: do something for them, bring them some joy to help them have a normal life again.

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