social change

  • Ancona: a "different" New Year’s Eve

    From Ancona, Italy, we received this small seed of brotherhood, which came about on the occasion of New Year's Eve 2018. Here's what they wrote to us.

    Ancona 1« With our friends of the city of Ancona, with whom we try to live the culture of unity, we have been collaborating with the Diocesan Caritas, the canteen of the ‘Opera Padre Guido’ (Work of Fr. Guido), and the Xaverian Laity for various local initiatives. From this friendship, the idea went through of organizing a New Year's party together: not a party for the "poor" but for everyone.

  • Brazil: the social businesses of PROFOR

    proforeng1What can possibly share a beautician-hairdresser and a farmer who produces organic products, or a pizza maker and an entrepreneur in the concrete sector? These are examples of start-up businesses that participated in Brazil in the "PROFOR" Project, i.e., the "Program for the Reinforcement of Inclusive Businesses of Communion", the first experience that AMU implemented in collaboration with ANPECOM (National Association for an Economy of Communion). See

    "We looked around, and noted that there are many people in vulnerable social situations," says Clézia Maria Pinto de Santana, the person in charge of ANPECOM projects. "Perhaps many of them had ideas and good will, but no adequate training to creating and running a business. This inspired us to try to support them, drawing on our experience."

  • I have friends in Heaven: when an encounter changes your life

    We want to tell you about the behind the scenes of the Italian film “I have friends in Heaven” (original title “Ho amici in Paradiso”), which is receiving both national and international praise. It is the first movie directed by Fabrizio Maria Cortese, who brought to the big screen actors with intellectual disabilities living in the Casa San Giuseppe (St Joseph’s Home) in Rome, an “Opera Don Guanella” Rehabilitation Center.

    Poster film"I first came to Don Guanella three years ago because a friend had started living there after an accident. That's how I met these guys, I learned to socialize with them, understand them, play, laugh, and even ironize, because they are very self-deprecating!"

    In this way Fabrizio Maria Cortese, screenwriter and director of the film “I have friends in Heaven”, talks about his first encounter with the people with intellectual disabilities who live in Casa San Giuseppe, a Rehab Center of the “Opera Don Guanella”, located in Rome, Via Aurelia Antica.

    “And there”, he explains, “I had the idea of writing a movie subject, thinking about the idea of change, a change that I probably went through myself, in my life, thanks to my encounter with them.”

  • Pillars of a society

    Pilares (pillars) is a Foundation that works in one of the largest slums in the city of Buenos Aires, called Villa 21-24 de Barracas. A story that began with a group of young people in 2008 and is today a Foundation that helps 365 families.

    Pilares 1Buenos Aires is well known for being a cosmopolitan, crazy city, nourished by culture and beauty. But it is also known to be one of the cities that house the largest poor settlements in Latin America. The largest slums in Argentina are in Buenos Aires. One of them, the biggest one, is ‘Villa 21-24 of Barracas’, in the South-East of the Argentine capital city. It hosts about 45,000 people in a situation of precariousness and poverty.

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