• "Our commitment continues in the peripheries"

    The summer campuses of the young people of the Focolare in Italy

    Campus 1According to Marc Augé, a French ethnologist and anthropologist, the outskirts are the place where the problems debated at a national level are extremely real. For the Young People for a United World of Italy, in recent years, the outskirts have become a field of action from which they can start afresh and give hope, give voice to that part of society which often suffers because of the silence by the media and institutions, and switch on the spotlights again on the work of those who commit themselves to this reality on a daily basis.

  • Italy, the “Rimpresa” Project

    The RImPRESA Project started off!

    It is aimed at offering a support to the recovery of many small productive, trade, and tourism businesses affected by the earthquake in Central Italy, in the areas along the Via Salaria, in the territory between Amatrice and Ascoli Piceno, in the Val Nerina and in the Abruzzo Region. Rural areas, whose economy was mainly based on agriculture and sheep and cattle livestock, and whose customers were their same population along with tourists who came in summer and for the weekends.

    LocandinaIt all started after the earthquake that last August destroyed the town of Accumoli, in the Province of Rieti, Central Italy.

    A few days later, Federica left her home, in the Southern Province of Rome, officially:«To go and check the condition of the house inherited by my husband». In fact, as she adds «Because Roberto and his family were from Accumoli. After his death, we created an association of social promotion called Abbraccio planetario (Planetary Hug) to carry out actions that promote the values in which he believed, such as the care and love for our neighbours, especially the weakest. I went to Accumoli because I wanted to see with my own eyes the actual situation and what we could do to help them».

  • Reception at the Border: an Experience from Ventimiglia

    “Italy’s Western Gateway”: this is one of the names under which Ventimiglia is known. An open door to the French Riviera, with which Ventimiglia shares bonds of geographical proximity and daily cultural, economic, and social relations.
    A gateway, not a border, at least until France suspended the free-movement treaties that are part of the Schengen acquis. Since then, Ventimiglia has become a bottleneck where many migrants pile up: the ones who consider our country only as an intermediate stage in their journey towards their final destination across the border.

    ventimiglia 1«More than 20,000 people travelled through Ventimiglia last year» Paola - a member of the local Focolare community – tells me «It is like a second Ventimiglia, considering that our current population is around 24,000. And since the beginning of 2017, about 18,000 people have already travelled through our town!». 

  • Scelte di Pace. Riconvertiamo l’Economia che Uccide

    «Certo, per chiunque si accinga a spostare le montagne dell’odio e della violenza, il compito è immane e pesante, ma ciò che è impossibile a milioni di persone isolate e divise, può diventare possibile ad un gruppo di gente che ha fatto della comprensione reciproca, del rispetto e della volontà di sacrificarsi per l’altro, il movente essenziale della propria vita.
    La pace è il primo frutto dell’unità. Ma non vi può essere pace tra le nazioni se non si comincia a costruire l’unità tra alcune persone di buona volontà».

    locandinaCosì, citando le parole di Chiara Lubich, Silvio Minnetti, presidente del Movimento Politico per l’unità in Italia, ha aperto l’incontro pubblico “Scelte di Pace. Riconvertiamo l’Economia che Uccide”, che si è tenuto il 14 marzo 2017, presso l'Aula dei Gruppi parlamentari di Montecitorio, a Roma. L’incontro è stato promosso dal Movimento dei Focolari in Italia, in collaborazione con il gruppo editoriale Città Nuova.

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