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The Clubs “Every 7th at 7:00 p.m.”: Peace and brotherhood begin with our pockets.

The “CLUB LOS 7 A LAS 7“, were established in Bogotá, Colombia, and now take place throughout the country, and even beyond the border: in Costa Rica and Ecuador. What are they about?

These Clubs are meetings that take place every 7th day of the month at 7 p.m. During the meetings, the participants debate on themes such as peace, dialogue, and brotherhood. At the end of each meeting, the participants are invited to check their pockets and give a financial contribution that will be donated to help a child in poverty reported by social services, parishes, associations, etc. The contribution is used, for example, to buy new shoes, to shop for the family, and to pay for medical or school expenses.


José Arturo Luna Vargas

mail: lunalogo@gmail.com