Located on the northern Central Kenya, Samburu County has communities that have preserved their culture up to date. Samburu people are semi nomadic pastoralists who heard cattle and move from one place to the other looking for pasture to feed their cattle. Walking around the county, one is in a position to experience the rich culture of the Samburu people. The refreshing Samburu culture has attracted thousands of people from all over the world.

Samburu 1Due to the rich culture of the Samburu people, many people would wish to go and experience the Samburu culture. From July 26th to 5th August, 30 young people and adults organized and went to live with the Samburu people for a period of ten days. During their stay in Samburu, they managed to learn and experience the real Samburu culture.

The young people visited the Samburu people in their Manyattas, cooked with them, went to collect water with them from the rivers, and cooked using the traditional way the Samburu people use. In addition, the group managed to interact with school children in the nearby schools, played games with them, shared their experiences to the students among many activities.

From the ten-day experience in Samburu, the young people came out with positive ways of looking at life. There were lessons learned from the Samburu people by this young people. Lessons that made them look at life from a different angle and in a positive way.

Catamarca 1For most people, holidays are a time to "escape from reality", to rest, to do what one likes. Some even seek to get away from people so they can rest. But some people are different ... and these people decided, therefore, to live "different holidays".

January 5 through 15 in San José, a small town located in the heart of the Calchaquíes Valleys of the Province of Catamarca, in the Northwest of Argentina, 60 young people and adults from Paraguay, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Argentina gathered to challenge the ordinary logic and organize a rest without being governed by "what one wants" but based on "building it with the other."

10th Edition of ReGENerate not to be missed!

regenerateFor 10 years now, young people involved or connected in the Focolare Movement across Great Britain, Ireland and Western Europe have been coming together, once a year at the Focolare Centre of Unity in Welwyn Garden City, to ReGENerate.

From the 24th-26th February 2016, ReGENerate will once again come to Welwyn Garden City for what Conleth Burns, one of the young people in the Focolare states will be a "very special weekend."

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International Photo Competition 2017

Show that the world is full of sustainable alternatives in food and energy!

Change for the planetThe campaign Change for the planet - Care for the People has launched it’s first International Photo Competition inviting participants to submit photographs of inspiring, citizen-led sustainable initiatives around food and energy.

focus 1011100 people from 49 countries, involved in the Economy of Communion, will meet Pope Francis on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

27 10On Idjwi Island in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Focolare’s NGO, AMU - Action for a United World – is striving to support the schooling and education of the new generations.

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