Chiara Lubich's speech at Sports Arena (Rome), March 31, 1990: to bring love back into the world

Chiara e il Papa«Let us take a look at several symptomatic scenes of today’s world. We observe in Eastern Europe, in the nations which have recently experienced changes, people who are overjoyed with their new-found freedom. Beside them, however, are people who are frightened, disillusioned and depressed over having seen their ideals collapse. We can read on some faces threats of retaliation, revenge and even hatred. Let’s stop to think: what would Jesus say if he appeared among them? We can be certain: he would still speak, today as he did in his time, of love. He would say: “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12). Only together, in harmony and in forgiveness, can a solid future be built.

Let us move on to other locations, to a country of Latin America, for example, as if watching a series of images fading in and out. On one side, we see skyscrapers, often modern cathedrals erected to the god of consumerism, and on the other side are slums and misery, moral and physical degradation, and sickness. What would Jesus say about this distressing scene? “I told you to love one another. You didn’t, and these are the consequences.”


Amanda Casimiro has dark, curly hair framing a smiling, open, and sweet face. After having texted each other for a while via email, today, thanks to Skype, I can finally associate a face to her email address.

«These days I am in my parents’ home,» she explains with her summer dress that reminds me, with a little envy, that beyond the equator it is vacation time, «because I just graduated in environmental engineering! So, I take this opportunity to have a rest and to look around».

Amanda, 25, is from Castanhal, a town not far from Belém, in the North of Brazil. A few years ago, she left her country to do an internship experience at a US business, Mundell and Associates, a member of the business network of the Economy of Communion.

We caught up with Nancy Uelmen, composer, singer and keyboardist in the all-female international performing arts group Gen Verde.

Gen VerdeBorn and raised in Los Angeles, California, for the past twenty-five years Nancy Uelmen has been living and working in the Tuscan hills, alongside her 21 fellow band members. We talked about her relationship to music and about the special power this art form has to build bridges between peoples and cultures.

Take part in the #FraterniTALES contest and become an "Ambassador of the United World".

«It takes experience and passion to become an "ambassador of the united world." Because in addition to giving voice to peace actions and projects, young people are to show a certain flair to find out facts and choices of brotherhood », explains Marco Desalvo, president of the NGO New Humanity and promoter of this contest and the larger United World Project together with the Youth for a United World of the Focolare.

How to participate

If you are a young person aged between 18 and 24 who is actively involved in building a more united world, or if you think you have skill, passion, and interest in issues such as:
• universal brotherhood

• global citizenship

• sustainable development

• education for human rights 
running of international institutions

• ethical leadership

then please share your #FraterniTALES, your vision of the united world, and your experience, in the mode of expression that suits you (a photo, a video of max 60", a text…), while motivating your candidacy:

"I want to become a United World Ambassador because ..."

Participation in the contest is open from February 1 to March 1, 2018.

All #FraterniTALES will be published on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the contest.

The purpose

The aim of the contest is the creation of a worldwide network uniting the "United World Ambassadors," who will become the spokespersons of the Youth for a United World in national and international institutions. Specifically, the selected Ambassadors will be in charge of establishing a collaborative relationship with the UNESCO National Commissions, presenting them with the best practices promoted over the years during the United World Week in their respective countries, in the aim of obtaining the recognition of the United World Week at the United Nations.

The winners

The jury in charge will choose the 30 most trustworthy candidates who will have access to a training course that will be divided into two phases:
Online training course for the United World Project and the running of international institutions;

• Two-day lectures by experts and professors of international politics (including some UNESCO representatives), to be held in Manila, Philippines, immediately before the Genfest (July 6-8, 2018). For candidates who cannot take part in the event, the lectures will be broadcast in live streaming.

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The United World Project, the Youth for a United World and the NGO New Humanity are launching FraterniTALES, a contest to recruit ‘United World Ambassadors’ and to promote the official recognition of the United World Week by the UN.

UWCOntestOne of the objectives of the United World Project is for the United Nations to recognise the United World Week, so that it may become a universal initiative, shared by everyone. The journey, which started in 2012, reached another milestone last November, when some young people met the representatives of the NGO New Humanity.

Chantal Grevin, "ambassador" of the NGO New Humanity to UNESCO, shared with us something about her life, her work, and a new proposal for the United World Week

Chantal"From my window everything looks white," Chantal Grevin tells me via Skype, with her beautiful French accent. "A lot of snow has come down, mixed with ice." Chantal lives with her family in Arny, in the French Citadel of the Focolare Movement, 35 km south of Paris. In a few days, she will turn 69 and she is preparing to celebrate her birthday with her family - her husband, their four children, and their eight grandchildren.

Chantal is a jurist and, for many years, she has been working in her local city hall as a citizen rights consultant. Since 2008, she has been the lead representative of New Humanity, the NGO inspired by the values, culture, and life of the Focolare Movement (Movimento dei Focolari), to UNESCO.

vegetable gardenIn the city of Rosario, Argentina, a group of Youth for a United World made a shared vegetable garden in the backyard of a suburban school and taught the students how to cultivate and take care of it.

For three years now, the Youth for a United World of Rosario have been sharing some one-day activities with the students of the "Mary Mother of the Civilization of Love" school on the outskirts of the city, where they collaborated to decorate common spaces such as courtyards and corridors.

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