The President of the General Conference of UNESCO, Ms Katalin Bogyay, received a Youth for a United World (Y4UW) delegation on 22nd February in Paris

I GMU incontrano BogyayOn Friday, 22nd February, a Youth for a United World (Y4UW) delegation, youth section of New Humanity, met with Ms Katalin Bogyay, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, an organization with 195 Member States. During the meeting, the Y4UW thanked Ms Katalin Bogyay for her precious talk at their international meeting held in Budapest, last summer: Genfest 2012. They also presented the activities they are now promoting in all the countries they belong to.


“We are from three different nationalities, Chilean, French and Italian – said the members of the youth delegation – however, before our meeting with Ms. Bogyay we assured one another that we want to be “ambassadors” for Africa, Oceania, the whole of South America… We wanted to live according to “Ubuntu”, thus becoming true representatives of all the young people of each continent.”

Recalling her participation at the Genfest, Ms Bogyay expressed her admiration for the extraordinary impact that the event had on the young people of her city, Budapest: “Every person who has come in contact with you – she said – was very struck, whatever his or her level, including politicians.”

Besides, the President of the General Conference of UNESCO also underlined the importance of the Genfest for the organization that she presides. During the Genfest event, the 12,000 young people, present at Budapest, became more mindful of UNESCO’s aims and values, discovering great affinities with all they promote through their activities of dialogue, peace and brotherhood.

Ms Bogyay asked how they promote the “inter-faith dialogue” – that inter-cultural dialogue in which the religious dimension is present and explicit -, the Youth for a United World had the opportunity to describe their way of life, not only in the course of their activities but also in their day-to-day living and spreading of a culture centred on the principle of fraternity.

The attention and support shown by Ms Bogyay for the future activities that the Youth for a United World have in the pipeline has gone beyond their expectations. In very special way, the attention goes to the opening of the United World Week 2013 - an annual event, promoted by the Y4UW. These are days that are marked by activities all over the world, aiming at spreading the culture of brotherhood. The opening even of UWW 2013 will be held on 1st May in Jerusalem.


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