Muslims and Christians together, spending an exciting day in the name of brotherhood. Besides, there is also the presentation of the United World Project and 500 new signatures. Regina, a Youth for a United World, shares her story

2013.05GenfestNigeria“The Youth for a United World of Nigeria have successfully concluded our Genfest which took place on 4th May, 2013. It was held at Justice Chuba Ikpeazu Stadium, Onitsha, in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

“Our Genfest was entitled “Let’s bridge” and right from the start we tried to bridge first and foremost among ourselves before going out to bridge with others. On the day of the Genfest we felt that the bridges were already being built because the Stadium was colored with people from different ethnics groups, religions and cultures numbering up to 1000. The Governor of Anambra State, represented by the Education Commissioner, also attended along with many dignitaries. The Archbishop of the diocese sent a letter, bestowing his blessings. Some Muslims were also present, including the chief Imam of the Muslim community in the State.


During the event we launched the United World Project and many young people responded with enthusiasm and on that very day we were able to gather up to 500 signatures”.

Some impressions from the young people present at Genfest Nigeria:

«I am the president in my church – said Akmola Micheal –. “Let’s bridge” is the best theme have ever heard so far because it encourages unity, peace, and happiness among people of different colour, culture and different behaviour»

«Christians and Muslims participated together to the Genfest – said Joseph Oghiotaphure –, I felt that building unity is not a dream but a reality. I learnt to be courageous and determined to do something without fear».

«Genfest Nigeria is the most enlightening gathering of young people I have ever attended. Having heard of Youth for a United World – said Enajite –, I feel that the Genfest experience was far beyond my expectations. Listening to the young peoples’ testimonies, I could really see that they live what they preach. I was particularly touched by the message of peace and unity which reached me through the dances and songs that were performed. I left with the resolve, not just to do what I heard and learnt, but to fully become part of this wonderful family».

«The Genfest –Marvelous told us – fell like a light in darkness which is the only source of hope».
«The Genfest was something that one couldn’t have dreamt – concluded Ifeoma – that it could happen in Nigeria. Nothwithstanding our grave situation, whereby people die every day due to conflicts, we were able to come together and show that a united world is possible».

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