This is how the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from the Cuban capital and other towns on the island have lived the United World Week (UWW), creating an info-pack that could be helpful to present the United World Project


2013.06.12.Corina. Mestre-CubaOn the one hand an information pack, aimed at explaining the United World Project, was prepared and sent to the various cities. In this way, the local young people, along with the help of the community, could launch the project. On the other hand, there were many activities carried out during the United World Week (UWW), aimed at giving a tangible sign of brotherhood expressed in the various areas of society. This is how the Youth for a United World of Havana, Florida, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba, have experienced the closing days of April dedicated to UWW 2013.

Florida. In this small town, located in the central part of the country, 60 young people took part in the presentation of the United World Week through a concert. Among songs and other numbers, there was a video presentation of the Genfest ( and the United World Project.

Santiago di Cuba. During the United World Week, so many actions were carried out in Santiago di Cuba. They were varied in nature but all under the banner of brotherhood. Young people went to visit the elderly, others brought food to the poor who lived on the road and at the end, they all gathered for a concluding feast.

Havana. On 26th April, 50 young people gathered for a great “party for fraternity” enlivened with dances, music videos, karaoke and samba. On During the following days there were moments dedicated to dialogue. On 28th April, these young people meet met with Fr. Amedeo Ferrari who happened to be in Cuba during those days. On 1st May, they met with Corina Mestre, a reknowned Cuban actress. With her, the young people had a dialogue on how to live fraternity in a show biz job. She invited them “to be committed young people.”


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