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“Legality”: a meeting at Caserta from 29th July to 2nd August 2013 for over 600 young people of the Peninsula who wish to bear witness to a strong desire for change

Cantiere LegalitàThere is a need for a change towards a more lawful society in order to respond to Italy’s local challenges. Young people from all over Italy, who wish to become leaders for this change will be gathering at Pala Vignola, from 29th July to 2nd August. They are the promoters of this meeting which will also engage associations, local businesses and citizens. They wish to stop the growing mistrust in particular territories which is extending to the whole country in order to become responsible and active agents for this important change.

In the programme “Legality: leaders of our homeland”, there will be workshops on hospitality, environment and labour, in order to highlight the ethical behaviour behind a culture of legality. Then there will be room for dialogue and debate; practical work in those areas and companies that have been confiscated from camorra; clean-up of parks and public places; social activities in favour of marginalized people, facing different kinds of hardships.

The promoters of the event are the “Youth for a United World”, youth section of the international Focolare Movement, Libera, Legambiente, FareAmbiente, Don Peppe Diana Committee, “The Four Star” Foundation, Snc Libero Pensiero. Aside from the afore-mentioned promoters there is also the collaboration from the youth section of “Azione Mondo Unito” Association from Puglia, Molise, Campania and Basilicata, the “Focus Focolari” Association" and the active participation of the municipal administration of Caserta.


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