There are on-going meetings between the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) and the UNESCO National Commissions in various countries of the globe. After Australia, it was Jordan’s turn to meet UNESCO at Amman, early July. The Y4UW give a summary of this afternoon meeting.


3al mashi 2 6“Throughout this year, along with our community, we have tried to spread the culture of fraternity.
This was our aim and spirit when we met with Ms Nuria Roca Ruiz, responsible for the Culture Unit at the UNESCO National Commission in Amman, Jordan on Monday 1st July. During the one and a half hours spent with Ms Nuria we described the United World Project (UWP) in its three aspects: the Network, the Watch and the Workshop.



“We handed over to Ms. Nuria the United World Project’s Manifesto along with nine local “fragments of fraternity”. It was a very beautiful moment describing to Ms. Nuria the activities that we have carried out and the bridges we built with many. What most attracted Ms Nuria’s attention was the fact that we have carried many of these activities along with other associations, groups and organizations drawing all to live for peace and unity.


“Ms Nuria was impressed with the fragments of fraternity and assured us that she will be present in our future events. She also expressed her appreciation for our FB page and she will follow our activities.


“We are very happy to have carried out this visit at the UNESCO National Commission. We feel it is important for the project and for building a united world”.


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