An invitation to restart our world.

YouthFestivalOn 23 and 24 September, the young people living in the Mariapolis Lia, in the Province of Buenos Aires, organized their annual "Youth Festival" attended by more than 1000 young people from all over Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The motto of the Festival was: "Restart your world, you have the control".
Also this year, our young people were the organizers and promoters of the Festival. They chose the content, the scenography, the music, the dances and, above all, the core message of the meeting.


"Restart Your World, you have the control"

The videogame metaphor was staged to show that everyone has the opportunity to take the control of their own lives and go beyond the issues related to the circumstances, such as: individualism, indecision, consumerism, and superficiality.
In this play, four young people face these different themes at various times in their everyday life and, according to the rules of the game, they must try to rise to the different levels together, aided by what their conscience suggests to them, by practicing different virtues such as acceptance and solidarity. The path is hindered by their past, which sometimes reappears and makes them take a step back, or by their future, which instead paralyzes them. So there is nothing better than overcoming the difficulties by living the very moment they are into - the present. In this way, you can take the control again and restart your life.

Finally, the "creator" of the game brings up a question to the protagonists and participants of the event, that is also projected on the screen: to restart, yes or no? The answer remains open. Everyone, in their own conscience, will answer.Youth festival 2

The staging, enriched by songs, dances, and life experiences that the young people on stage shared with the 1,000 participants, was meant to be a metaphor of real life that invited everyone to reflect on the creator’s question and act accordingly.

"It is important, in my opinion, to prepare this kind of event because it makes you feel that you are not alone and that there are many young people who struggle every day so that the “new world” becomes a reality and does not remain just a utopia. We decided to deal with these issues because we know that they are the very ones that cost us more and we want to learn how to deal with them," says Carmen Miranda, a senior participant of the Mariapolis Lia Youth Festivals. This time she lived it from behind the scenes. One of the things she will never forget is precisely the method used to organize the event: "(…) Because many times we had to lose our ideas for the benefit of another person's idea, in order to build something even more beautiful and fully shared, which then found its fullness in the climate we lived during the Festival, that was really constructed by everyone".

A participant later reported: "This festival gave me the opportunity to review everything in my life, to become aware that I have the tools to choose before each proposal. I understood that, even if everything doesn’t work out the way I would like to, I can always start afresh".

The question of the "creator" of the game really dropped deep into the participants’ minds: "Restart your world, you have the control".

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