One year after the Genfest and the launching of the United World Project in three Central American countries: a musical, a radio programme and some initiatives at the university and in the poor suburbs

El Salvador“During this year, the numerous activities following the Genfest gave us the possibility to present the United World Project”, wrote the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.


“Change History”: Among the various ‘fragments of fraternity’ in Guatemala we have put up a musical entitled “Change History” which in some cases helped continue our relationships with many young people and in other cases gave us the opportunity to establish new contacts. We had to ‘put aside many of our own things in order to give out to others without measures’. In so doing, we received a lot of support and really felt part of a big family.

This approach has opened the doors to many new contacts: for example, with the Youth Group in Guadalupe City and later with Sacred Heart Parish Youth Group with whom we used to meet once a week ahead of the show.

Our first presentation of the United World Project (UWP) took place at the Central University. We were invited to address the students an employee working in one of the University faculties. He was so impressed by our ideal of a united world that he succeeded in creating a space within the liberal arts education course and present to the authorities.

Besides, there were also activities carried out in San Marcos, a village in Guatemala that was hit by an earthquake. “After 5-hour trip, we visited and delivered into the hands of every family a small bag full of food supplies (sugar, coffee, soup packets, milk, beans, etc…). We listened to all they have been through and this was enough to establish a relationship. In a very simple way, they expressed their gratitude by sharing with us the fruits of their harvest and bestowing on us their blessings, assuring us of their prayers.”

Bread and chocolate: “After receiving a big variety of food supply, we decided to share it all with the poor and homeless people living along ‘the railway line’ a derelict area of the city. One morning we all went there together and our mission was to bring them bread with ham and hot chocolate. The short moments we spent together filled us with great joy! At first, we were a little ‘shy’, but little by little we felt very at home and realized that we are all equal...”.

Together with the communities of Tegucigalpa, Comayagua and Puerto Cortes. “We were engaged in gathering and entering the online signatures of all those people who wanted to commit to the United World Project (UWP) and in this way, our ‘Let’s Bridge’ slogan was very strong in our hearts.
Besides, this year’s focus was on loving each neighbour as another ‘self’, who is distinct from me. We took up this challenge by preparing chicken soup with vegetables for our homeless ‘brothers and sisters’. “Some young people went along the streets of the capital to provide this healthy soup to these persons and in turn they received their gratitude.”

El Salvador

In El Salvador we have tried to create a freindly and welcoming environment to our community with the support of children and adults, and during the Christmas season, we have collected toys for the children of our community in Cuba.”

El Salvador Radio Maria has opened the door to a two-year monthly programme aimed at young people. This year’s programme has allowed us to deal with current issues, such as, nature, the virtual reality, a culture of peace, culture of giving and about Pope Francis along with the World Youth Day event. They added: “This radio programme is an excellent opportunity to share our ideas and reach out to so many young people and adults and it has encouraged us to move ahead with this initiative permeated by fraternity.”

Jorge said: “since two years, we have been conducting this programme and we have seen the many changes it has gone through. It is a chance to create a new awareness about the difficult issues that our fellow young people are facing.

Warbler said: “Broadcasting on radio pushes me ahead and gives me energy: right from the very preparation of the subject we want to deal with to the end of the programme. Though I suffer from ‘stage fright’, I feel it is a great adventure.


The young people concluded this letter saying: “Each on occasion is a ‘fragment of fraternity’ because it is chance to meet the other person and each time one can catch a glimpse of the journey towards universal brotherhood”. We feel this journey towards one human family is more than ever alive!


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