Censis studies revealed an Italy more altruistic

AiutareRome, November 6 - A majority of Italians are spiritual, altruistic, and still willing to fight for a better society, according to the latest research by the Center for Social Investment Studies (Censis). In its report released Wednesday and titled 'Italian Values in 2013: The Pendulum Returns', Censis asked respondents what they get the biggest charge out of: 59% said spirituality, 46.2% said family, 36.9% said being in love, and 29.5% said helping those in need.These were followed by making money (26.6%), being with friends (25.3%), and going to the gym (16%).


In a series of questions about the greater good, 40% of respondents said they are willing to visit the sick, 36% said they are prepared to give a hand in natural disasters, 37% said they are willing to help maintain schools, and 34% said they would help clean up beaches and forests. The report also showed Italians are still undaunted by recession, raging unemployment, tax hikes and austerity. While 85% defined themselves as worried and 71% declared themselves indignant, just 26.5% said they are frustrated and 13% identified as desperate.

A greater proportion, or 46%, said they want to do something to change the situation but don't know what, while 67% said they feel they are not represented in politics.

Source: www.ansa.it



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