From Egypt an act of fraternity: it's giving it's receiving. From the Facebook page of the Youth for a United World - Jordan.

Donare Soldi"Two years ago, I worked at the British Embassy during summer period. I was trying to save as much money as possible in order to pay for my final year at university and not to be burden on my parents. After 4 months of hard work I managed to put aside a large sum of money which would cover all my final year expenses.

"One day I met a person I knew on the street. As soon as he saw me, he felt compelled to open up his heart and share with me all the difficulties he was facing. He had many debts and he did not know how to get out of the situation. The sum that he needed was exactly the same amount I was able to save in my bank account.

"Suddenly, I felt that I had to make a choice: either keep the hard-earned money or give all my saving to this person. Deep within, I felt that I had to make this act of total trust without worrying about my situation.With any further doubt, the following morning I went to hand over that amount of money. He was very surprised and he thanked me a lot.

"A few days later the bank informed me that I had to close the bank account because I had no balance. I was getting ready to go to the bank to carry out the required procedures to close the account when I receive a phone call. It was the bank that wanted to inform me that I had won the lottery (I didn’t even remember the number I had bought some time earlier paying 3.5 Egyptian Pounds). This isn’t all! That person to whom I had given the sum, returned me the money that I had given him and all of a sudden I had double the money on my account!".


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