First participation for GMU to the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum with 500 young people. Three days of work on the theme "Youth and Social Inclusion", whose recommendations will be presented to the General Conference in November. "Different, but so committed to solve the problems together.This really made ​​us feel as one family."

Forum UNESCO 2013For the first time, three delegates of Youth for a United World participated in the 8° UNESCO Youth Forum: three days of intense work at its headquarters in Paris from 29 to 31 October. Gathered around the theme " Youth and Social Inclusion: Civic Engagement, Dialogue and Development of Competences" , five hundred boys and girls around the world have debated on the main objectives of the draft strategy to the youth of the institution for the period 2014-2021.

Absolute protagonists, they have made recommendations for the member Countries of UNESCO which will presented during the session of the 37th General Conference which will be held in the coming weeks (5-20 of November, ndr.). The participants also worked together to choose fifteen projects to promote youth actions who have received the quality label "8th UNESCO Youth Forum" .

The participation of the Youth for a United World to this Forum has been pushed to the job they are doing since last year in the context of the United World Project. This project, launched at the Genfest 2012 - with twelve children from around the world gathered in Budapest -, has as its purpose the promotion of a culture of universal brotherhood at all levels, reaching even to international institutions. The visits to the UNESCO national commissions to present the project were some of the first steps, now with continued participation in the Forum. The meeting was an opportunity to bring so the concrete life of GMU also in this space, small experiences of building a new society as an original contribution to this "factory of ideas to change the world".

The Youth Forum is a meeting that takes place every two years since 1999. The work was done in a very dynamic way, led by young people. Starting with the input of more than 2,500 young people who had previously participated in an online discussion on the topic of the forum, participants were divided into groups to agree on three sub-themes of the overall argument. Immediately following were discussed in plenary. The recommendations were made on the evaluation of policy made until now, the development of skills for the transition to adult life and the promotion of civic engagement, dialogue and social innovations .

Joaquín , Argentina, tells us that "making use of the word we made some proposal for a recommendation inspired by Practical experience with the Youth for a United World. One that has been accepted, for example, is promoting intergenerational opportunities for participation and not just young people always disconnected the adult world. I feel that our participation can help to revitalize these spaces and we share many ideas with this organization."

Anne Cecile, France, speaks to us of the speeches of diplomats during the opening and the conclusion of the Forum. "It ' was very loud to hear them talk about concepts that are very close to our ideal of brotherhood: the world must live as one human family , to achieve peace we must open our hearts and love each other, are the small concrete acts constitute a better world."

"Resonate  - continues Anne Cecile -, even more the words of Madame Katalin Bogyay, president of the General Conference, who attended the Genfest. She closed the Forum speaking to all of " Ubuntu" this African value that expresses the belief that 'I am because we are' and that is the basis for Sharing With Africa, the next step in the United World Project. What struck me the most was to know many young people who think themselves to their ideas and skills to be able to change the world. I felt very strongly that this change was possible and that was beginning to me, wherever they are, with what you can do now."

The result of this Youth Forum will be part of the input that the General Conference of UNESCO, with ambassadors from 195 countries, considered to establish new work for the organization. In this regard, Stella from Hong Kong says : "These initiatives leave us see that there is a road to a united world here too, which is being covered for so many young people from different parts of the world. Being there, so different, but so committed to solve the problems together, really made ​​us feel like one family. In this way we also want to make our contribution . "


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