Actions of fraternity after the typhoon Haydn. The suggestion of the Youth for a United World: to do and to repeat.How? All the explanetions in a viral video.


giovani mondoWhen give up it's give back to someone? Can we do it togheter? The suggestion of the Youth for a United World in a viral video on

"Give up that pricey meal with a friend in exchange for a home cooked one with mom, a movie date with girlfriend for an evening stroll around town (why not invite your best friend too?), or that pair of shoes you've been saving up for months for cheaper ones... then donate the rest!
Open your closets. Grab a shirt, and ask yourself if it made you happy wearing it, think of how much happier someone who needs it more will be. Then repeat.

"Give back what matters to you most: your time, your attention, your freedom, your youth, and put it at the service offilippine tifone  others.
We can only do so much for a number of people, but there is a way where we are able to love everyone concretely: prayer. Even your daily problems, the most little acts of love, the simplest joys: offer them back to the victims.

"When we give up, to give back to others, we set ourselves free from the things that bind us to this world, opening up our lives to a new one... a more united world".

Watch the video:



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