Francis says world produces enough to feed everyone.



Papa FrancescoThe world cannot turn away from the scandal of almost one billion people suffering from hunger, says Pope Francis.

Because the world produces enough food for everyone, there is no justification for allowing hunger to continue, the pope added in a video message for the Caritas Internationalis campaign against world hunger.

"We cannot look the other way and pretend this does not exist," the pope said. He cited the Biblical parable of the loaves and fishes where Jesus found a way to feed an unanticipated crowd.

That teaches that where there is the will, there is a way, said Francis.

"I invite you to make space in your heart for this urgent need, respecting this God-given rights of all to have access to adequate food," the pope said in his message released Monday.

"We share what we have in Christian charity".

Caritas, which operates in 200 countries, is working towards an end to world hunger by 2025.

Other agencies involved in the fight against global hunger include the United Nations World Food Program, which has estimated that 842 million people worldwide suffer hung.




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