Eight women dressed in black paid the cost to those who could not afford it at the market of Athens.

BarbakeiosThe news was given by the italian newspaper "La Repubblica " during on Christmas holidays. It was posted on web several times. This news gave hope to people. It 's the story that comes from Greece brought to its knees by the economic crisis .

On December 22, at the popular market of Athens, Barbakeios, with all kinds of foodstuff, eight women, dressed in black, placing themselves near cash register of a market, they paid the cost to those who had small portions of meat.

The eight women, then nicknamed " the Angels of Barbakeios", were initially mistaken for housewives intent on making shopping for Christmas' dinner. In addition, women invited people to get other goods and then they payed the bill.

"This incredible scene has been going on for almost an hour - told the TV network Ant1 the director of the market - . Least 320 people have been shopping thanks to the generosity of the ladies in black and in the end, according to our calculations, gave 16 thousand euro of flesh."

Source: www.repubblica.it


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