Young Portuguese told about UWP. Arco - Iris were organized a National Forum and Lisbon with a volunteer project for children and seniors. Prospects of a fraternity always attentive to the local.

Portogallo Meeting ottobre 2013From Portugal comes other recent actions with fraternal perspective: from a meeting at the end of October to a volunteer project  with protagonists the Youth for a United World.

Citizenship for the fraternity

"Ninety young people met October 12 and13 for the first National Meeting "One direction: Citizenship for the Fraternity " one year after the Genfest 2012 where it was launched the United Word Project. To understand how it was evolving "to set in motion the proposals of UWP and sharing local fragments of fraternity."

Among the various moments, a forum on fraternity , with the participation of several experts on how you can live in the areas of sport, science, art and media."The fraternity is the response that the world needs and is also the culture that we want to contribute to generate in our society."

Fraternal project in Lisbon

In Lisbon a dual project to promote fraternity with volunteer work between generations.

Project for children. Outskirts of Lisbon: you can only imagine what happens in those neighborhoods that nobody talks about. Two sisters and a brother Comboni Missionaries began to give support to some children, who mostly belong to migrant families of Camarate with educational program. "Through some contacts we found that these missionaries need the help of young volunteers and so we put our energies in this project" they tell us.

Project adults and seniors. Accompanying adults and older people living alone or residing in nursing homes. The volunteers visit them every 15 days in teams of 2 or 3 people: recreational activities ( games or to sing with them) or respond to the concrete needs of each person (to accompany the Mass, organize medications or the house).

For both projects and based on the number of registered volunteers it's established teams for a period of 3 months.

To collaborate fill out the registration form via the link below :


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