A report on the United World Project, which was presented in Nairobi during the live streaming the May 1 with the opening of the United World Week 2014. Available in a first edition in Italian in the online version, with a simple download on this site. Soon the second edition for Città Nuova editrice.

Dossier UWP-29It's possible speak today about universal brotherhood? Does not seem to be utopian. There are elements in the world that reveals this to us it. It's not a dormant principle of history books and recently even the Pope Francis has often mentioned fraternity and he has placed it as the central theme of the World Day of peace, 2014.

The Atlas of universal fraternity. Realizin fraternity tells about 800 fragments of fraternity received in the first year of the United World Project. Available in two editions, the first with download online from the website www.unitedworldproject.org and the second for Città Nuova editrice.

The Atlas was presented in Nairobi, as part of "Sharing with Africa," the 1 May during the live streaming of the official opening of the United World Week 2014.


It makes a small excusus on "Culture and universal brotherhood" and it offers a trip between meridians and parallels of the world with 45 significant stories of 800 fragments of fraternyties from 40 nations, to discover that fraternity is precisely in those places where you least can imagine, over every kind of cultural, religious and national differences.

At the end of the Atlas you can discover the way to be part of the United World Project: yes, because the protagonist can be you.

For information and printed version please contact us at: info @ unitedworldproject.org

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