A project that provides various forms of help and action, in a sort of partnership between different cities and communities. Youth, adults, children, locals and tourists alike: there are many people involved in the project Batam.

Batam CampFifty minutes of the ship separated Singapore from Indonesia, which is one of the 17,000 islands of Batam. Twenty miles away and nearly two worlds that do not belong: the relations between the two countries are good, but while the former is rich, the second is poor. While one is a city-state with five million inhabitants, is the second largest archipelago in the world where 240 million people live. Only these numbers could make people understand why the reaction of tre.D 'Moreover the words of the Gospel were clear: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (Golden Rule, ed.).

So, choosing the poorest of the poor, the three friends were put to work together with other people in their communities. In ten years have created a project that provides various forms of assistance and action, in a sort of town-twinning and different communities. Youth, adults, kids, locals and tourists: there are many people involved in the project Batam.

They were built thanks to the collaboration with AMU, a small supermarket, a parish, secured scholarships for some young people, and the basic necessities for children through sponsorships.For the community of Singapore, this project is of great importance, as we said Nicolas Inturralde, for years one of the main leaders: "There are people who do everything they can to Singapore for the poor, are very smart, and they like this action concrete love of the Gospel to those who need it most. You are creating also an awareness that we are not faced with a case of welfare, but rather, we live in a deep reciprocity, where even the poor are given the opportunity to "give" because they recognized in their dignity, thereby supporting the development of specific potential of the place. Of course it is sometimes very difficult, and as he told us one of our volunteers, alone are not capable, but together is another thing. It 'easy to break a toothpick, but if you put 100 together, then they will not break!".

Source: www.umanitanuova.org

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