Revised and expanded. Published for Cnx of Città Nuova and available online on this website . In September, the same edtion in English, French and Spanish

Dossier UWP-29Time for the new "Atlas of universal fraternity. Realizing fraternity", the first report of acts of fraternity in the world recognized by the United World Project. Two months later, the first edition has already in a revised and expanded version. Available for the brand Cnx of Città Nuova  and in online format for download on this site: July 3, in fact, the new updated version replaces the previous one published on 1 May. In September the same edition will be available in English, French and Spanish.

But in what is a new edition? First, an introduction signed by the young people from the five continents. Then in the Atlas we give space to analyze: the relationship bewteen globalization and united world with a piece of Chiara Lubich and "Sharing with Africa," the third stage of the United World Project.

But in the pages of this Atlas it's also possible to read again the first steps of the United World Project to Budapest in 2012 with 12 thousand young people who are committed to living the "do what you would have them do to you" and about the second step of Jerusalem in 2013 with 125 other young people, while the keywords support text and testimonials give statements of everyday fraternity.

A fraternity, as an active phenomenon, which can be declined. It can be investigate, in fact, as happens in the first chapter and in the third. It can be studied because it has a specific cultural apparent in history, as is explained in the second chapter. And finally, the fraternity can be told: through 45 stories chosen by the 800 cards came from 42 countries. They are not the only ones, of course, and many others could be told. But all would speak to us and our time. The same time when you need to tell the positive effects of the fraternity to continue to hope.

For more information write us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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