Facing the absurds of war around the planet, we say stop! An appointment at noon of each day with a prayer or a moment of silence for peace.

b_400_0_16777215_00_http___www.genfest.org_Image_c87145fd-76b4-4510-ab5b-36d9c6a11c5e_c87145fd-76b4-4510-ab5b-36d9c6a11c5e_0.PngSometimes we are overwhelmed by news of wars and terrorism, we feel helpless and dismayed by the pain of so many innocent victims.
Run4Unity, which united us in a great world relay, wants to promote a culture of peace and unity.

We invite everyone to gather in prayer - or in silence - to obtain peace for every nation on the planet:

United with thousands of children, youth and adults of all countries of the world, we ask for peace in every nation on earth, especially for... (mention the countries at war) and wherever violence and injustice reign.  
We strive to make the Golden Rule our own: "Do to others what you would want them to do to you" to bring peace wherever we live and build a united world.

Source: Run4Unity.net

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