Like every year, in early May the Youth for a United World all over the world have made a lot of activities and initiatives within the United World Week. Below you find some fragments:

b_400_0_16777215_00_http___www.diarionorte.com_content_bucket_0_113410w620h440.jpgChaco, Argentina. "Change the face". In the main square, the activity had the young people in a leaing role, thay participated with different games. The idea was to promote the smile, realizing that it's the first individual action that you can do for peace. Also they made a collective mural, and took pictures with the tag "I work for peace". They finally talked to the youth of Washington, in the United States, to pass them the baton.

Curitiba, Brazil. In the activities the imprint was the relationship between young people and adolescents: a relationship made of friendship and brotherhood. The first step was to make known what is dialogue - at all levels - and how they try to live it. They met for an afternoon to dive into this reality. Finally they made a significant gesture: an origami called TSURU, a bird that in oriental culture brings hope of peace, happiness, unity; everyone made his own part with the help of a young girl who know how to do it. Sunday night they went to help a group that provides hot soup to homeless people, and they brought their contribution of love, joy, food and beverages.

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. In Dar Es Salaam, a group of young Catholics, Muslims and guys from other Churches all together made various activities in Amana Hospital, including cleaning the environment, cutting the grass, moving the beds and many other things from one apartment to ' another, because they want to restructure some houses of this State Hospital. They have been a testimony of Unity in Diversity. Then they made the community of goods to go to a Muslim orphanage, because it seemed to them that God suffered more there than in other orphanages.

Bethlehem, West Bank. This year the appointment for the relay for peace of young Christians and Muslims from Jerusalem, Nazareth and Haifa was in Bethlehem, in the square of the Basilica of the Nativity. A walk that took them up to the Salesian monastery in the valley of Cremisan, where the non-violent struggle of the local people prevented the construction of a section of the wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Hong Kong. "Life Love Light - Photo Competition" was the title of the photo contest made to show a reality different from the one they see every day, to find beauty in their workplaces and in their routine. They showed pictures in a website and in an exhibition. Then they cover the whole city with stickers with messages about the culture of peace. In Hong Kong,  along with young people in Macao, they hmade an ave activity on the streets of HK in one of the most commercial and busiest district of the city. In other places they made other activities and one youth camp.

Portugal. A United World Week at 360 °. At the bar, other moments with children and elderly people, an evening with youth groups from other religions (there are already four groups of Muslims) and also new relationships with Jews and Hindus. Then a concert for peace, with the involvement of the municipality of the city das Caldas, and another in Oeiras in aid of the church. Then a moment of prayer for peace, organized by the Y4UW from the different nearby places; even some of us from the region have been invited to talk about their experience and help for songs... Finally they want to start the meetings of the Word of Life there. Paople from the community of Caldas have covered the expenses with providence, so they decided to give their earnings for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

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