With minus, division, plus and equals. Youth for a United World of Jordan tell us their day "On the way" togheter the Ammad comunity  

Group Division-3“We, Youth for a United World, believe that a united world is built with the simplest acts of love toward the other in need where ever we are. Therefore, we decided to launch the initiative "عالماشي " or "On the Way" which basically calls the youth to do a drive in Amman (the capital of Jordan) and find creative ways to do "good" for whoever we meet "on the way". We were divided into Five groups each with a mission to do while driving into the City. Learning from the" Teens for Unity", we have used their own mathematical signs, which they have interpreted into concrete actions of Love, as slogans for each group's mission; for example, one of the groups had the "Minus" sign with the slogan "To reduce pain"; they went to a general park where they did lots of cleaning and picking up wastes and garbage; they also did some face painting with the kids who were playing with their families.


Another group had the "Division" sign with the slogan " Let's divide our sorrows and happiness"; they celebrated the birthday of a small child who just turned 8. Her family suffered from many problems mainly financial but they all shared the birthday party and had loads of fun. As for the "Plus" sign which called for " Adding more Love", they painted the Golden Rule which says "to to others as you would like them do to you" on the wall of a school in a very poor neighborhood. "Equals: to be equal in dignity", this group went to a well-off shopping area in Amman and had a quick lunch with a group of humble workers so as to show them some respect and breakdown the social barriers between us. The final group was the "Percentage: to increase the percent of Happy people"; they have walked into the street with lollipops and water and tried to draw a smile on everyone's face they meet. They made several people happy, for example they helped a child wash the car; they also helped an elderly man cross the street, etc...


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