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Like every year, in early May the Youth for a United World all over the world have made a lot of activities and initiatives within the United World Week. Below you find some other fragments (and others at this link).

11664_10155589734050193_3922206471737292733_n.jpg?oh=21bb5007c815dbb03f6f57919f782e05&oe=5604FE4ALebanon. A collection of food packages and then going to distribute them to the homeless people on the streets. All this trying to invite friends to join and trying to do it with a big smile, to bring more than just food. Photos and other infos here.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia. "Games4Peace": more than 80 participants, some young people from the nearby parish and from the focolare of Yogyakarta, friends, classmates, etc. spent together a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, playing, running, learning, building friendships and above all testifying the universal brotherhood. They were half Muslims and half Christians, men and women, of different races, ages and backgrounds. There were only six rules to play, printed on the faces of a large orange dice: fair play, play hard, hang in there, be caring, celebrate, make a difference.

Bahía Blanca, Argentina. A deluge of "Sheets in the city" with positive messages put everywhere: at school, on the doors, in the elevators, in the mailboxes, on motorcycles, cars, bikes... The idea: "Cheer up the day to everyone and help dropping violence", inspired by the golden rule of the holy books and other texts. Spread on WhatsApp and Facebook, the initiative has involved other groups (scouts, etc.) and also created conflicting opinions, which have strengthened in the youth the determination to "write those sentences to life".

Los Angeles, California. The Youth for a United World went to serve more than 600 meals to homeless people in Skid Row, the poorest place of Los Angeles.

Vienna, Austria. "Charity soccer tournament for Syria": about 20 soccer teams registered to play living the "fair play" as an instrument, also enjoying the victory of one another. Among the teams there are also young people from Syria who live in Vienna.

Kinshasa, Congo. A thousand young people, Christians and Muslims, protested outside the civil authorities: mayors, governor, deputies, ambassadors. There was commitment (a boy invited 70 friends and received in advance their shares). The ride of about an hour, in the midst of the chaotic traffic of Kinshasa, had the goal to reach Petite Flamme, a Focolare school organization in the district of Ndolo that offer to a lot of young people the opportunity to build a future in their country without having to emigrate. Other young people raced in the unstable region in the east, in Bukavu, Kikwit and Goma.

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