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Like every year, in early May the Youth for a United World all over the world have made a lot of activities and initiatives within the United World Week. Below you find some other fragments (and others at these links: 1 - 2).

10404437_842070235872394_69168203451618123_n.jpg?oh=6ed2c5fafc21119d3b3ee52d5ed2ee8e&oe=55FD59FCParaguay. Young people went to share an afternoon with the children of a kindergarten and also went to accompany the elderly from a geriatric hospital. They also launched a proposal to give blood to help those in need. Sunday, May 10 they made the closure of the UWW in the city of Caazapá, with the race for unit, where they met with the teens for a united world and young people from other places.

Philippines. They campaigned for empowerment and a fund-raising to help the earthquake victims in Nepal, called "One for Nepal". They asked for donations and also made musical concerts sell T-shirt.

Egypt. In Alexandria from 1 to 3 May there was the meeting "C.A.Y.R.U.S Living Peace", and to follow the "World Youth Peace Forum: Let's Bridge" organized by the Living Peace Project in Cairo, until May 6, 2015.
The meeting in Alexandria saw workshops, group works and other cultural activities for young people from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Ireland. Very different opinions on what is peace and then they tried to understand how to work effectively for peace and tried to know what is being done already for it. In Cairo there was the peace Forum with "Living Peace": a project born in a school in Cairo and today carried out by more than 80 thousand people in more than 100 countries in the five continents. Guys from different places like Sudan and Pakistan presented dances, music and experiences on peace. Also the Youth for a United World could tell some stories that are part of the UWP.

Cesenatico, Italy. Youth and teens from Emilia Romagna together with adults (150) organized, from 1 to 3 May, "I am because we are": workshops, dialogue, sharing, games, etc. and an activity for Nepal.

Madagascar. The GMU organized a tournament called "Basket for Unity" with the "Match for unity", which was made on May 9 and May 10 at Providence College, then they did a concert prepared by several participants from different churches.

Slovakia. From 1 to 3 May 2015 youth and teens from Ukraine met togheter in a town near the border - Mucachevo. Some of them know each other from before, at an cultural and recreational evening organized in Kosice (Slovakia) with the aim of collecting money. Every two months some of them travel to Mucachevo to spend an afternoon of games with the Ukrainians youth and teens, with ideas to live the Gospel in everyday life. It was almost a spontaneous decision to go on this occasion in places now well tested, for three days they did cultural events to enhance mutual understanding and also an initiative for the city, supported by the mayor. They also made connections with Y4UW in Poland.

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