An email from Cameroon to tell us how the United World Project is a continuous occasion for little actions of fraternity

missione camerun«Lots of greetings from Fontem.

«We are making steps ahead in the United World Project. At some point we felt the need of committing ourselves to live more before going ahead with the signatures, to be able to back the campaign up, with our own experiences. Things are going ahead gradually, but steadily. For example, Youth for United World club members of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College Fontem share about their little project; cleaning of refectory tables after breakfast every day, which is one of the problem areas. It has been a powerful challenge, which required much humility and courage in overcoming our shyness and pride to do such a mean exercise.

«However, we felt it was the best place to embark on and together we felt the strength to carry on. This is because most of us are prefects and others are to be the next school prefects soon, a combination that makes the choice of project even better and striking to other students. Our school as some of you know is a boarding college, which means that we live together in school. We share a common building for everything, from a small chapel to a refectory, which is the place where we eat together. In a small house hold it is often necessary to clean the dining table and environs after meal.

«You can image how much more it is in a big family like ours, where we are 500 children. Though students of one of the junior forms are assigned in the cleaning of tables on weekly bases, they often need to be chased to do their work, or they waste a lot of time, losing at least 15 essential minutes in the lesson after breakfast. It is our wish to do it with them, using less time and more commitment to do it well. They are always more challenges in this area, but we hope not to relent our effort.

«Furthermore, since almost all our students and staff (more than 480) have signed to be part of the United World Project (...).

«In Fontem and Lebialem as a whole, last February we got permission from our civil authorities, the senior and central divisional officers, also from the mayor to carry ahead the signature campaign. Our Y4UW in the nearby government schools, also those in other towns (Dschang, Bamenda and Buea) get more and more spurred up in carrying ahead the signature campaign in their schools and churches.

We remain very united with you and with all for the UWW, also for the program in Jerusalem, as we also try to live (...)».

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