Experience of Pietro, Chiara and Matteo about political commitment and active citizenship

201411ScuolePartecipazione1.jpgGood morning to everyone,,
We are Pietro, Chiara e Matteo, three students representing the school of participation in Turin, Italy.

Together ith twenty other boys aged between twenty and thirty years we decided to begin a process of active citizenship reinterpreted in the light of the ideal of brotherhood expressed by the political thought of Chiara Lubich.

We are in our second year of school, and if during the first we focused preferentially on the reality of Turin, this year we also turned our eyes to the national and international level.

Our classes have been about a number of issues, from the civil economy to the policies aimed at the person, the ethics of the public good and the social responsibility of political action.


Some steps have marked in a particular way our path. These include a workshop together with three young people involved in politics in three different line-ups, with whom we talked about the importance of this vocation. Or the reinterpretation of the theme of the common good as a result of a process of building mutual trust, a necessary element for the survival of the community.

We also opened our group to the rest of the town to provide food for dialogue and reflection about the European Union, which is sometimes perceived as complex and distant, but of which we are citizens with rights and duties.

Then we organized an evening on the theme of multiculturalism to reflect together on the complexity, but especially on the richness of different cultures in a world subject to growing risks of conflicts based on ethnicity or religion.


All of this has some practical implications that see us as leading group in healing the wounds of our society. We formed a bond of dignity with the homeless people of a nice and small dormitory in Turin. We were also one of the promoters of Slotmob, a national initiative to enhance to choise those shopkeepers who said "NO" to slot machines.

We are still mobilizing to find a first response to the indifference of citizens in public by offering to our municipality to create short and clear institutional communications, taking advantage of the screens presents in the circuit of the urban network.

Addressing all these themes allowed us to understand (to quote Chiara Lubich) how politics "is an act of brotherhood: the need to take the field for something public, which regards the others, willing for their good as for our own".

In the light of this, each one of us is committed in living every day in this footsteps of Chiara.

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