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We are in a Third World War, we must be aware. The waves of migrants are a result of the conflicts that must be known in their origin. The task that the policy can not avoid is to find a solution

1442381527.jpgThis morning while reading the newspapers and on the web I focus on the news about the countries of origin of migrants who knock Europe.

Afghanistan: the Taliban release 355 inmates from Ghazni prison.
Pakistan: governative bombings in Waziristan, Taliban and civilian victimes.
Turkey: bloody riots between the army and the PKK, at least nine deaths.
Jerusalem: violent clashes on the Temple Mount, with injuries and arrests. High tension in the holy city, fear of a new Intifada. Netannyahu says to apply the law.
Egypt: 12 tourists killed by mistake in the Sinai, and the infiltration of the Caliphate considerably increased.
Yemen: population at its lowest for the offensive of the government supported by the Saudis.
Somalia: Ugandan soldiers captured by al-Shabab.
Libya: repeated violence despite the draft agreement between Tripoli and Tobruk.
Syria: Russian support to Assad divides the field of those who want to fight the Isis. 40 deaths from the bombing of rebels on a government-controlled district of Aleppo.

I could go on. It's a Third World War, we must realize. And every war brings with it waves of migrants who can not be held back unless politics engages in conflict resolution.

Source: Città

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