We are writing from Slovakia to tell you something of what we experienced the past weekend....

In Hungary, at the Austrian border, in recent weeks, many trains arrived with thousands of immigrants, who traveled on foot across the border and continued the journey in Austria. We realized that this was very close to the border with Slovakia and that some international and Slovak organizations had activated to bring food, clothes and medical care. So we joined this initiative with some gen, youth and adults.

One afternoon we cooked for 400 people and in the evening we went to the border with the cooked food. There we made us available to help the other volunteers and to provide food and clothing. We have experienced a lot of moments that we cannot tell very well and we realized that just a small act of love is enough and you can help someone.

We send you a small video aired on the news of the Slovak Television. Unfortunately for the language will not be understood, but the pictures give an idea of ​​what we experienced:

Unfortunately, after the closure of the Hungarian borders, it is not longer possible to repeat this action, but we are continuing to cooperate with those who collect clothes for immigrants.

We will update you on the next steps!
Continuing to live for a united world,
the gen from Slovakia

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