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A look at Mexico: politics and the youth

7 April 2015   |   , ,

He himself had lived the experience of having a gun pointed at his head by the police who mistook him for a drug pusher while the real one was standing beside him, forced by poverty to take that path. «In 2006 – he continued – the battle against narcotraffic was a war that in eight years had left on the field more war victims than in Vietnam, among which were many innocent people who struggle every day to maintain their civil commitment: journalists, activists, etc. Often the people protested against the Government which has been losing its credibility amid a strong social and economic crisis.» «I live in Mexico City where every day, we are faced with a new challenge; despite this I believe in a united world and in the ideal of a united world and universal brotherhood. But I know that change has to start from myself, without expecting it from the others and not even from the authorities.»

«If I were you, who are so concerned for the common good in Mexico – affirmed Luigino Bruni addressing the youth – I would try to look at the causes of this disease, among which is financial capitalism that increases the inequalities. These are types of wealth that are no longer inclusive.» «The first step to take when one wishes to change a country is to love it,» the economist underlined again, spurred by the testimonial of Abraham. «Every country has its vocation to beauty, its own genius, and identity, though ambivalent.» And then an advice: study more, learn a profession! «Are you a minority? It does not matter. Just a handful would suffice, few but really very motivated. It is the prophetic minority that changes the world. And do not stop believing that a different world is possible. The first battle to fight when we are young is to not lose faith in the ideal. We have to believe in the impossible in order to have a good possibility.»

«Some offered me drugs many times, others robbed me – continued Abraham – Some time ago while going home after school, a boy approached me asking for a cigarette. At the same time the police arrived to arrest us. He had drugs in his pocket while I only had books in my backpack. They started to beat him up while the other policeman held a gun at my head, asking me where the drugs were. When the police left, I helped this boy to his feet and gave him the little money I had. He embraced me and said: “You know, I feed my family with these few coins?” I realised how a small act of love really releases great strength and we never know how far it will go. Despite my feeling so helpless, I want to try and see my neighbours and the people I meet on the street with new eyes, and with other friends I want to give a concrete contribution.

In my desire to a greater commitment for the good of my country, despite the many difficulties and discouragement of many, on 20 March the youth of diverse organisations met in the Mexican Senate for a day’s event with politicians on dialogue, which is very important in a world that is awaiting the answers to bigger challenges.

Source: focolare.org