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Religions for Peace – Welcoming the Other: Clean, Pray, Collaborate

15 May 2016   |   , ,
15 01 Welcoming the Other Clean Pray Collaborate

Multi-Religious Youth will collaborate on volunteering in each other’s local mosques, synagogues, churches, temples etc. by assessing what each specific place requires assistance in. It may be by campaigning for the installations of working toilets, organizing rubbish collection or equipping the site to be eco-friendly. Leading up to this day, the youth will appreciate and learn from each other about each faith tradition, as well as deliver much needed services for these religious sites. Any event or activity that takes places leading up to Sunday, June 5 can be shared on social media under the hashtag #CleanPrayCollaborate

Suggested Clean, Pray, Collaborate activities:

  • volunteer to clean up places of worship by having a group of multi-religious youth visit one or more temples, churches, mosques, or synagogues and pick up garbage
  • install soap and hand sanitizers dispensers, stock up on toilet paper or offer to beautify the building itself through repainting or repairing  
  • Start a waste reduction and recycling program
  • Participate in community cleanups and beautification projects. Consider adopting a road, highway, or stream to keep clean.
  • Instill a culture of water saving by introducing a feasible water management policy
  • Increase energy efficiency and harness green energy: fit the congregation with energy-saving light bulbs and encourage an overall reduction in the usage by promoting the ‘switch-off when not use’ policy and inquire about switching to a green energy provider.
  • Cultivate An Edible Garden: If the property allows, volunteer to plant seeds of vegetables or herbs
  • Does your religious site have features to benefit wildlife (e.g. bird feeding station, bird nest boxes, bat boxes, piles of leaves and rotting logs for insects and hedgehogs)? If not- offer to build them.

Assist in creating an ECO Friendly Pamphlet for worshippers to be printed on recycled paper or published online for easy access