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Sport event in May “link cultures” in Vienna

31 May 2016   |   , ,
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 With the slogan “link cultures” in German and Arabic the Gen 3 presented to all participants the rules “fair play” of the game: to see the other team not as an adversary but as a partner, accept everyone just as they are, stay away of violence and try to make friends. Beside the normal judge, there was also the judge of “fair play” that gave his score.

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At 12:00 in the middle of the tournament they gather for the “time out”, a minute for peace! This is followed by a video message from the members from Syria and a skype with Sopron – Hungary about 50 km towards east of Vienna where 100 young people and adults from Hungary and Slovakia meet and participate in the half marathon in Eisenstadt (Austria) in Sopron. From Eisenstadt until the border of Hungary also run 20 refugees, (lives in Eisenstadt), invited by the young people of Hungary.

Then the tournament continues, at the end wins the team of refugees from Afghanistan. The head of the district office hands them the prize and encourages everyone to continue with similar actions in the society with increasingly danger of hardening.

Eventually it ends with a big barbecue and all agreed that it was an extraordinary day that must be repeated in the next year.