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United World Week – Flash News

16 May 2016   |   , ,


This is a photo of the young people from  different countries present in Ecuador during this week. They will be on live trsnamission on two very important  Ecuadorian television channels to introduce the Week United World and to make an invitation to the Festival for Peace and Solidarity in Quito. They not only represent their countries but also the all the nations of the world that this week untiringly work to shout in view of the United World.





2 giordaniaWe had a day with one hundred participants between 13-30, we were divided in 8 groups!

Each group had a path to follow with different missions ( educational, sports , environmental, living mercy together ) all under the theme , let’s contribute in reviving our city.

89446b76 5383 427e 896f 057c2d029b73Then we all met together in one place in the center, where we spread our peaceful messages to the whole world via balloons. After the countdown, 100 balloons flew high in the sky with the participation of the residents of the area who where already on the spot, then a flash mob was done with everyone.





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