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United World Week in Belém – Brazil

31 May 2016   |   , ,
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In the morning we had a moment to present the Youth for a United World, explaining what the United World Week is and its history, we reflected together on the theme “A Path to Peace” and where we should satrt to build it. Ecumenism and intercultural experiences made all understand the extent to which and how we can contribute to universal brotherhood.

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We had lunch together and in the afternoon we experienced a unique session with the children of the Safe Haven project that develops a social work with the periphery of the city of Benevides, a place where Mariapolis Gloria is located.

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Some young people told us that they got convinced they should be protagonists in building peace. We started the week United World with some activities: visit to the city council; blood donation; visits to the institutions and the participation in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (SOUC) visit to the public Christian churches.