1. Genfest


    Official launch of the United World Project at the “Let’s Bridge” international youth festival (“Genfest”) organized by the Focolare Movement.

  2. Brazil


    Presentation of the United World Project to the Federal Senate of Brazil.



    UNESCO President Madame Bogyay receives a delegation from the United World Project in Paris, France.

  4. Bethlehem


    In Bethlehem, West Bank, as part of United World Week 2013, the United World Project team organizes its first conference addressing the challenges of a world view of humanity as one family.

  5. Y4UW


    The Youth for a United World (Y4UW) present the United World Project during the World Youth Day event promoted by the Catholic Church in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  6. Nobel Prize


    The United World Project petition is signed by Nobel Prize winner (1987) Oscar Arias Sanchez, former President of Costa Rica.

  7. Youth Forum


    Representatives of Youth for a United World participate in the UNESCO Youth Form. They present a series of practical experiences, prompting the Forum moderator to suggest the idea of proposing to UNESCO the drawing up of a “map of good practice”.

  8. Nairobi


    The United World Project’s first intercultural workshop, takes place in Nairobi, Kenya, to consider different perspectives on the one human family.

  9. Argentina


    Argentina hosts the Project’s first international “World Citizen” event for young people interested in nurturing a culture of encounter.

  10. Universal Atlas of the Unity of the Human Family


    Publication of the Project’s first “Universal Atlas of the Unity of the Human Family”, focusing on Africa.

  11. United Nations


    Focolare President, Maria Voce is invited to speak at the United Nations “High-Level General Assembly Thematic Debate Promoting Tolerance and Reconciliation”, aimed at “fostering peaceful, inclusive societies and countering violent extremism”. Dr Voce includes a presentation of the United World Project in her speech.

  12. United World Week


    At the 2015 international United World Week event held in Mumbai, India , the United World Project is presented to youth from around the globe, including representatives of different religions.

  13. Open Your Borders


    The «Open Your Borders» initiative is launched with the aim of highlighting the value of peace building at all levels.

  14. World Peace Forum


    Youth for a United World present peace-building initiatives of the United World Project to the World Peace Forum in Luxembourg.

  15. Reinventing Peace


    At the “Reinventing Peace” event held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Chiara Lubich receiving the UNESCO Peace Education Prize, a delegation from Youth for a United World present the latest report of the United World Project.

  16. Chantal Grevin


    Chantal Grevin, New Humanity NGO’s chief representative at UNESCO, Paris, addresses the 39th Session of the General Conference of Member States, presenting Youth for a United World’s action for the United World Project as a way of countering violent extremism by promoting peace and building up the sense of humanity as one family.

  17. FraterniTALES


    The innovative “United World Ambassadors” program is launched. 25 young people from different countries and continents are receiving training to monitor and report on United World Week in their own and neighboring countries, to create a valid dossier of authenticated experiences and examples of good practice which can be offered to national and international agencies - governmental and non-governmental, other organizations and platforms, to assist the progress of the United World Project.

  18. United World Project


    The work of the United World Project is continuing on many fronts.