Our values

“The immense need for peace which humanity is calling for tells us that to live as one family is not only a value, it is not only a method, but is actually a global paradigm for political progress”. Maria Voce, ex-President, Focolare Movement

The United World Project works towards its aim of a more united world by charting, promoting and linking authentic examples of good practice and processes, in personal or group initiatives – be they on a large or small scale, regular or one-off actions – which contribute towards making the world a more peaceful and united home to all humanity. To this end, the project has identified three main objectives:

  1. to constitute a permanent hub of examples of good practice in terms of uniting a disparate world
  2. to give visibility to a global network striving constantly in favor of respect, dialogue and the unity of the human family
  3. to create a single platform for collating reports and research documents pertaining to a more united world

The United World Project welcomes the collaboration of national and international institutions and agencies, encouraging them to make effective commitments at all levels to recognize everyone as members of the one human family. The Project aspires to have an ever-greater impact on international relations.

The United World Project is therefore open to partnership with people, groups, organizations and institutions with compatible values and aims.