to change our lifestyle to make it more sustainable and reduce our ecological footprint.



The 6th lesson of Dare To Care - the Planet - has as protagonists a group of boys and girls from Italy and Paraguay, together with Giorgio Vacchiano, Researcher in Forest Sciences, and Lia Guillén, Project Technician of AMU. They share with us their experiences, expectations, and efforts in the care of creation.

Sustainable Diet

What is the ecological impact of our diet? Let's find out with this video!

English - Effetti Farfalla

Giving to Safeguard The Networked Environment presents: An Educational Path to Sustainable Global Development. A project of education to energy saving and Integral Ecology for the safeguard of the environment.

Let's Start with Food!

Change starts with ourselves! Through the webinar "Let's start with food!" we learn to take care of the Planet starting from our daily life, choosing the food we eat.