we want to help connect our inner selves with others and with the nature in which we are immersed, rediscovering the relationships that bind us and our common belonging to something greater than ourselves, of which we are part and which transcends us.


A Dialogue on Laudato Si'

October 23, 2020 | Part of the program of the International Congress of EcoOne 2020: this webinar highlights the specific contribution that religions - particularly Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism - can make in the current environmental crisis by bringing the element of the sacred and spiritual back into ecological discourse.

Connecting with your inner self

Aspects and tools for understanding human nature. Zsuzsi Roman (physician) and Narciso Sunda SJ (Jesuit) make us discover that the health of each of us is to be considered in its totality, integrating all aspects of human nature.

Faiths4Earth | The spiritual view of nature and the role of faiths in the face of climate change

Nature makes us experience transcendence and puts us in touch with our inner selves. Here We look at the spiritual roots of our ecological engagement in light of Laudato Si' and other religious denominations/traditions (particularly Islam).