ensure that our actions have a real social impact by collaborating and networking with those working for integral ecology. We want to make an impact at the political and economic level by asking leaders to keep the Net Zero promise of making agreements with international and national institutions to respond to the cry of the earth and the poor.


Into The Label


Care and COP26 with Simone Borg, Lorna Gold and Pasquale Ferrara

May 9, 2021 "Simone Borg, Lorna Gold and Pasquale Ferrara inform us about the key aspects of COP 26 in a context of a global pandemic such as Covid 19”.

COP26 | Insights and Commitment

On the eve of COP26 a reflection on what is at stake and how personal and collective commitment can guide the world towards environmental sustainability. With Lorna Gold (Laudato Si' Movement) and Tillie Palmer (Faith Plans Programme).