Accessible Environment, Inclusive Society | Third Webinar: Accessibility and culture

13 November 2021   |   online webinar   |   14:00

The itinerary of in-depth study of the project theme, which began with the webinar of 9 May 2021 in the context of the United Word Week of the United World Project (, will continue in the autumn with another four webinars, in which we will draw on some particularly significant experiences (selected from among the many we have received from various parts of the world) and give ample space for discussion and sharing.

We will look at the topic from various points of view, with a transdisciplinary and intercultural approach, proceeding in four stages:

  • Third Webinar: Accessibility and culture

Each webinar will last exactly one hour and will take place via the Zoom platform, with the possibility of following via YouTube streaming as well. The detailed programme and instructions to connect will be published on this website a few days in advance.

Each webinar will take place in five editions, on different dates and at different times, separated by language (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), so as to meet the needs of different time zones and encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing without the need for interpreters.

Lingua italianaLingua spagnolaLingua ingleseLingua franceseLingua portoghese
h. 18 (Italia)
h. 21 (Spagna)
h. 14 (Italia)
h. 16 (Francia)
h. 16 (Brasile)
Primo10 set.10 set.11 set.11 set.11 set.
Secondo8 ott.8 ott.9 ott.9 ott.9 ott.
Terzo12 nov.12 nov.13 nov.13 nov.13 nov.
Quarto10 dic.10 dic.11 dic.11 dic.11 dic.