Never before have world leaders agreed to commit themselves to such a widespread universal agenda. To achieve it, we all need to live in a sustainable way, making real efforts in the struggle against climate change.
Sabrina Zaccaro, WFP Public Communications Office

The Projec

The United Nations (UN) has set 17 essential goals to be reached by 2030. The second of these goals is the elimination of hunger in the world. The UN has asked the young people and children who are committed to living for a more united world to help achieve it.

Zero Hunger and a United World

Young people living for a united world have always heard the call to alleviate hunger and poverty. Speaking in 1967, Chiara Lubich reflected: «Where do we start? […] Turning towards those living in poverty, to those least considered by our world, those who are experiencing too much hunger, too many tears and not enough joy».

Action now

One of the first steps towards achieving “Zero Hunger” is to involve as many people as possible, inviting all young people to sign up to and promote a dynamic lifestyle which is fulfilling but not wasteful, which includes loving other people not just ourselves, and which celebrates the power of giving and sharing.

Teens for Unity in action along many “pathways”

To reach their goal, Teens for Unity have a precise strategy based on eight lines of action, the so-called “colored pathways to unity”: sharing, witness, peace promotion, protection of the environment, influencing public opinion through the arts, space for formation and development, a creatively positive presence on social media…


Please send us your videos, photos and experiences on your progress towards #Zero Hunger, to be published on the website.