United World Project


A school for United World Ambassadors

5 August 2019   |   France, ,

The program will take place at the French Mariapolis Center of Arny, 35 km South of Paris. The aim is enhancing the skills of an international group of 20 young people, most of them change-makers, peace-builders, and community leaders, training them in the culture of unity, peace, and brotherhood, and making them true “Ambassadors of a United World”.

The “Ambassadors of a United World” program – promoted by the NGO ‘New Humanity’ – will take place from 2 to 7 September. Its aim is to create a worldwide network of young people so that they can be spokespersons for this NGO on a national and international level.

The program, addressing 20 young people from 16 countries – selected in recent months among peace-builders, change-makers, and community leaders – will take place at the Mariapolis Center of Arny, 35 km South of Paris, France.

Specifically, the “Ambassadors of the United World” will be in charge of establishing collaborative relationships with national institutions (such as UNESCO National Commissions), governments, and civil and religious organizations.

During a 5-day course, the training will develop through formal and informal education methodologies, with a relational learning standard focused on each participant. In addition to workshops, conferences, and group work, the program includes a visit to the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where participants will have the opportunity to meet the embassies of their respective countries of origin.

After the training, one of the tasks of the “Ambassadors of a United World” will be to collect and submit the best practices elaborated over the years during their United World Week activities in their respective countries, with the aim of obtaining the official recognition of the United World Week at the United Nations.

The United World Week – as part of the United World Project – is an annual event promoted by the NGO “New Humanity” as an all-encompassing opportunity to give visibility to best practices oriented towards unity, peace, and brotherhood in the world.

It aims at generating relationships that promote peaceful coexistence between different peoples and cultures, in the respect of their social and cultural identity.

The United World Week is a proposal addressing national and international institutions, both public and private, to highlight and enhance all initiatives that promote unity at all levels.

In this way, each “United World Ambassador” will become a spokesperson for the United World Week in the country where they live, and will be able to support, encourage, and contribute to the development of good practices in his or her own country.